četvrtak, 19. lipnja 2014.

The pictorial memento

The pictorial memento

High quality, concise style shift that has made the artist Jasna Dragun, a classic example of the proper updates in art - the artistic sphere. Ahead of us are thoroughly investigated watercolors, real pearls of purity of painting in the wealth of the usual staging of flowers, still lifes, landscapes and other narrative templates. Her motives are grateful  preoccupation which the author is very skillful, fresh, clean and rich presented, and this is the reason her rich talent and experience who possesses.  Her works radiates charm and have a magical effect on the eye and experience of the viewer and evoke serene atmosphere.

From 10.05. - 15.06. 2010. Likum, street gallery, Zagreb, a sales exhibition of paintings by Jasna Dragun.

Reviewed for catalog written by the curator of the Gallery "Kurija" Sesvete, acad. painter Tomislav Dilber.

Dove, watercolor, 30 x 42 cm.

Watercolors by Jasna Dragun