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Why is understated watercolor as a medium?

Why is understated watercolor as a medium?

 This question prompted me comments from the close environment of those who look at the picture on the way: Like, I do not like it.
 Even a century ago, watercolor has occupied a leading position as a medium. It is not surprising, because its fluidity and freshness was perfect for painting landscapes and flowers. Today, artists are increasingly returning to watercolor medium, and the topics are, of portraits and figure studies, and almost anything can be painted.
 Nevertheless, in galleries and museums, mostly we see the oil paintings. This is a consequence of market relations, because customers are interested in imposing oil paintings.
 What was once a template for painting in oil or medium that is "cheap" is actually a demanding technique, which can never be just a product of the academic tradition, but requires a data practice and serves as a vehicle for expressing their ideas.
 I go back to the beginning, watercolor as medium is certainly have no place in a market that deserves, and therefore I ask all of you, how to change and give more attention to the artistic sensibility in the aggressive flow of the art scene today?
 I believe the artists and their contribution to "fight for the rights of watercolors."

Jasna Dragun

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Red dance, watercolor, 19x26 cm.

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The pictorial memento

The pictorial memento

High quality, concise style shift that has made the artist Jasna Dragun, a classic example of the proper updates in art - the artistic sphere. Ahead of us are thoroughly investigated watercolors, real pearls of purity of painting in the wealth of the usual staging of flowers, still lifes, landscapes and other narrative templates. Her motives are grateful  preoccupation which the author is very skillful, fresh, clean and rich presented, and this is the reason her rich talent and experience who possesses.  Her works radiates charm and have a magical effect on the eye and experience of the viewer and evoke serene atmosphere.

From 10.05. - 15.06. 2010. Likum, street gallery, Zagreb, a sales exhibition of paintings by Jasna Dragun.

Reviewed for catalog written by the curator of the Gallery "Kurija" Sesvete, acad. painter Tomislav Dilber.

Dove, watercolor, 30 x 42 cm.

Watercolors by Jasna Dragun

utorak, 1. listopada 2013.


Such a richly varied exhibition Jasna Dragun stems from her rich experience cognitive, aesthetic sensitivity and great devotion to fine arts. The author presents her inherent artistic vision, very courageous and consistent regardless of the technique or motive. We could say that there is no motive that is not worth her attention, on the contrary, she finds beauty in all, each a challenge and an inspiration for a new artistic expression. Expressing them in various techniques reveals her feelings for material property which allows to influence the character of the offense. Skillfully achieves transparency and freshness of watercolors, acrylics stability and fullness. In each work brings her personal experience seen, and by the same shows herself. She looks and sees the world around her, expressing admiration for each new opportunity and enjoy the way of artistic creativity. 

Foreword to the catalog: Robert Topolovec Pulko, acad. painter

International Exhibition THE COLORS OF PEACE
February 03, 2014 to March 15, 2014

Davao City, Philippines

International Exhibition Confluence'12 
Galerie Art Eterna 
Kalkaji, New Delhi, India

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Spring, watercolor, 30x30 cm

Fuchsia, watercolor, 38x30 cm

Lily Red, watercolor, 42x30 cm

Blooming, watercolor, 50x35 cm

The Vase, watercolor, 49x30 cm

Poppies, watercolor, 51x35 cm
My work won 2. place at the V. International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art at the ST.Petersburg's Art Week

Slill Life II, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Roses, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Sunflowers, watercolors

Watercolor, 30x42 cm

Watercolor miniature

III. "Vova" MiniArt 2013-Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary