nedjelja, 26. svibnja 2013.


Spring, watercolor, 30x30 cm

Fuchsia, watercolor, 38x30 cm

Lily Red, watercolor, 42x30 cm

Blooming, watercolor, 50x35 cm

The Vase, watercolor, 49x30 cm

Poppies, watercolor, 51x35 cm
My work won 2. place at the V. International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art at the ST.Petersburg's Art Week

Slill Life II, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Roses, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Sunflowers, watercolors

Watercolor, 30x42 cm

Watercolor miniature

III. "Vova" MiniArt 2013-Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary