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Such a richly varied exhibition Jasna Dragun stems from her rich experience cognitive, aesthetic sensitivity and great devotion to fine arts. The author presents her inherent artistic vision, very courageous and consistent regardless of the technique or motive. We could say that there is no motive that is not worth her attention, on the contrary, she finds beauty in all, each a challenge and an inspiration for a new artistic expression. Expressing them in various techniques reveals her feelings for material property which allows to influence the character of the offense. Skillfully achieves transparency and freshness of watercolors, acrylics stability and fullness. In each work brings her personal experience seen, and by the same shows herself. She looks and sees the world around her, expressing admiration for each new opportunity and enjoy the way of artistic creativity. 

Foreword to the catalog: Robert Topolovec Pulko, acad. painter

International Exhibition THE COLORS OF PEACE
February 03, 2014 to March 15, 2014

Davao City, Philippines

International Exhibition Confluence'12 
Galerie Art Eterna 
Kalkaji, New Delhi, India

nedjelja, 26. svibnja 2013.


Spring, watercolor, 30x30 cm

Fuchsia, watercolor, 38x30 cm

Lily Red, watercolor, 42x30 cm

Blooming, watercolor, 50x35 cm

The Vase, watercolor, 49x30 cm

Poppies, watercolor, 51x35 cm
My work won 2. place at the V. International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art at the ST.Petersburg's Art Week

Slill Life II, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Roses, watercolor, 30x23 cm

Sunflowers, watercolors

Watercolor, 30x42 cm

Watercolor miniature

III. "Vova" MiniArt 2013-Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary

utorak, 23. travnja 2013.


The Story of the Creative exhibition opening in our New York City gallery on July 25th, 2013. 
Congratulations on your upcoming inclusion in The Story of the Creative exhibition! We are incredibly excited for the show which features hundreds of artists from 103 countries across the globe.
To celebrate your work we're hosting a special opening exhibition in New York City. Find here your official invitation to the event. This event invitation is good for you and up to three friends.
This event invitation is good for you and up to three friends.
This RSVP will add your name to the guest list of the special opening reception at Angel Orensanz. Following the reception, your work will be on display at See.Me's Long Island City gallery through September 10. Our gallery is open to the public, so if you're not able to attend the opening, you will still have the chance to see your work on view at a later date.

View, 2011., watercolor, 23x30,5 cm

Traces, watercolor

Iris, watercolor

 Art Takes Paris entrants 

Once again, my work will be on exhibition in New York!!!

Congratulations on your upcoming inclusion in the #CreativesRising digital exhibition in New York City! We are incredibly excited for the evening which will celebrate you and thousands of creatives from across the globe.

Please join us as a special VIP guest next Saturday, October 5th for the official #CreativesRising event. Find below your official invitation to the event.

See.Me presents #CreativesRising
Saturday October 5th, 2013
6pm - Midnight

26-19 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY

Congratulations Artica! Your work will be shown of the digital exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach 2013. 
Thanks to everyone for the support, because you helped me realize this wonderful event!!!! :)